The heart of the Botik is a wild secret garden, which is pleasant in all seasons. Through the large windows, you can reach the outside without being noticed, and you can get your favorite drink directly from the window bar, without coming into the room.

In the summer, it's nice to pick a nice green sprig to put in a cocktail while passing by the plant box and read your favorite book in a hammock in the bushes. Sometimes there might even be a garden concert and we dance the day into the evening together under the magical golden sunset light.

As Nordic people, we know how to enjoy the magic of being outdoors even in cold weather. We gather around the fire and sip a hot drink from a tin mug, which warms our hands as well as our hearts. In the greenhouse, we light the fireplace and watch the snow fall quietly to the ground.
An old concrete tower rises in the middle of Botik's garden, under which there is an outdoor kitchen. When the weather is nice, there are picnics, where you can taste something new and appropriate for the season.