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Botik´s sweatshirt

What can you buy from the store?

In short: Turovski´s animal sweatshirts and bags and Botik´s sweatshirt

But why these?

The heart of Botik is a bushy backyard, where people can meet nature. Green spaces in the urban environment are important places that help preserve natural diversity. We try to do as much as possible to create and maintain natural communities in the factory area. That's why we invited Aleksei Turovski, a zoo semiologist and translator of the animal kingdom into human language, as part of a public talk. His lecture was not only about animals living in the city, but also about urban structures in the animal world and many other exciting things.

You can watch the talk here:

The animals that Aleksei talked about that evening, through his pen, have ended up on Botik's hoodies and bags. In this way, our friends from another species still remain in our minds - even if we don't meet them every day in the urban space.

In total, five pencil drawings were completed, which were scanned and printed.

Click on the picture to admire the drawings more closely.

In the gallery from left:

"Hey, do you have any seeds?!"/ Sparrows

"In Pluribus Unum!"/ Meerkats

"None of Us Bites!"/ Mosquitoes

"Beauty Is in the Sniffer's Nose"/Barefoot

"Please one Deep Cleaning for a Regular Client"/ Kuukala 

With every product purchase, you support the shelter that cares for the welfare of homeless animals.