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You are walking through the city streets on a beautiful rainy November (or December) day. You enjoy the sound of rain under an umbrella and your feet feel the joy of stepping into puddles. Puddles are always tempting when you're wearing wellies. You step through a puddle, but suddenly the crisp water gets into your rubber boots and your feet start to get cold. You plan to take the rubber boots to the cobbler tomorrow. Unexpectedly, however, the next day, looking out of the window, snowdrifts are spreading outside, and it is necessary to find new, warmer footwear. Broken wellies are left forgotten in the corner of the closet. What's next?
 A drawer full of broken rubber boots
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Autumn is the time of changes in nature... First, the trees adorn themselves in colors, as if they want to show their beauty for the last time in the annual cycle, the branches of the fruit trees are lush with sweet juicy fruits. Plants put all their energy into flowering to get the seeds ready before the winter comes. And then, imperceptibly, everything is evenly grey... Daylight is equal to the darkness, the heavenly water hatches are open, the squirrels' winter reserves are hidden in the depths of the ground, and the birds that used to chirp in the bushes gather in flocks and prepare to fly away.
 Autumn in the garden
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