Bar game

The game is a series of interesting choices that follow each other, the binding core of which is a magic circle, or a system of self-initiated rules, to which each participant of the game silently, loudly or tacitly agrees. The only rules to follow are conventional, and what's more - they can be adjusted, compressed, made wider as desired, so that the experience could be even more fun in a simple way. (1)

If we allow the rational mind to rest for a moment, it would be possible to create a playable game for yourself based on such an open definition. It gives you the power and freedom to turn your homes, kitchens, gardens, studios, workplaces, greenhouses, bars, Zoom calls and all kinds of places and non-places into different playful realities.

Maybe there doesn't have to be clear winners and losers for a game to be successful? What if we played a long-term, step-by-step unfolding game on a table based on rules (values, principles), and each move within this shifting framework is based on curiosity, consideration, and respect? Just choose an interest, set the rules (soft and favor dynamic development) and the game can begin.
In winter, when we also had a good rest while playing with nature, the board game night on Friday or Saturday (well, depending on the weekly schedule) was one of those beautiful occasions when Botik's bar and this year's particularly snowy garden decorated with bonfires were open to all guests. In this case, when you came to us, you could find a group of people with rosy cheeks who came together just to play. On one table, Jenga blocks were rattled, others were nostalgic for classic playing cards and tried to outsmart each other with tricks, but mostly with cards. It was our ´´Botik Nui´´ board game night. Podkidnoi - botik nui, same - same.
Now spring has arrived and it's time to enjoy a sleepy life together with nature. At Botik, it could look like it always does: we play the bar and the garden plays well... the garden. In this way, as a couple, we form a place to create together, to come together and to be, where in fact countless different visible and invisible games are already going on at the same time. The rules are sustainability, community and balance. Now we try to play with the garden. We play community. Let's play bar. A bar game?

Text: Laura Ruuder.

Used material:
"From Botik with Botik: past, present and future."
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