Botik bar - factory spirit and nature conservation

Põhjala factory

New residents are gradually moving into the former Põhjala rubber factory, which has been empty for almost twenty years. One of the first residents is the local bar Botik. Botik is located in the factory's old administrative building (today the Põhjala studio building) and extends to the wild overgrown outdoor area next to the building. The bar and garden create new content for the factory landscape and offer locals and guests pleasant places to be.
Botik bar

Botik's garden gates on the side of Marati street

Summer in the garden

Table tennis

We opened Botik in May, and in half a year already an incredible number of nice people have found their way to the end of Kopli. Humorous comedy evenings, exciting quizzes, cozy drink and draw drawing sessions, as well as interesting lectures-discussions-meetings and lively music events both outdoors and indoors take place every month.

Kopli quiz

Quiz in the garden

Comedy Estonia Kopli Open Mic

Botik bar opening party - performance by Meisterjaan

Drink and Draw - photo Tiit Tamme

It seems that the idea of ​​creating an inspiring and unique place for various activities has gotten off to a pretty good start in a short time. Botik is not just a bar, but together with the garden offers an interesting space for all kinds of activities. Botik is a kind of unique place that, intertwining with the existing factory landscape, creates a diverse space for being together, resting and gathering inspiration for the people of the culture factory, local residents and curious wanderers.
Curious people

At every step, we try to value the surrounding environment and respect both nature and the old factory spirit. We change as much as necessary and as little as possible. In doing so, we consider recycling, Estonian raw materials and nature conservation to be important. In honor of the spirit of the factory and thinking of nature, we have tried to make smart use of everything available on site. We only add enough to make being a little more modern and create a diverse and exciting space.

All the trees and bushes have been preserved in the garden, the paths run exactly where there is space.

 Old concrete blocks have become seating areas

  We also preserved an old concrete structure in the garden, which we will create into a nice place to sit and hang out for guests. .
Picture before Botik

Tower before 

View of the Botik bar - everything old has been preserved - ceilings, pillars, repaired old doors, etc

The Põhjala factory is still far from being ready. The community around us is growing rapidly and Botik is constantly evolving and changing. A lot has already been done, but at least as many exciting challenges await in the new year. The concrete tower garden will have a roof by spring, we will open an outdoor bar and try to move towards an even more waste-free operation.
View from Marati street

Botik´s garden

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