Botik Live Sessions brings authentic and value-based music experiences to the virtual world with the help of volunteers

There are times when nature, people and moments flourish (for example, like now, in the warm month of midsummer), but there are times when the only way to get an authentic musical experience is to open a live concert on YouTube and enjoy it through the home theater speakers. It was at one such moment, while squeezing out the experiences of the summer concert from the projector, that the idea of ​​our own series of video concerts, Botik Live Sessions, was born.

Today's world has made the enjoyment of culture largely virtual. Think about it - you mostly find information about events online, you buy a ticket from Ticketer*, you look at the posts that accumulate under the event's Facebook page and you ´´cook with anticipation´´, you find the right end of the road on maps. When you get there, you'll show the QR code at the door and most likely take a few photos or videos of the concert. Immediately or the next day, your Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat feeds will be full of little moments of your awesome experience to watch on a cold winter evening while drinking cocoa at home and reminiscing about your fun times. Although at the Placebo concert in Sigulda a few weeks ago, Brian Molko put the concert on pause because he was disturbed by the avalanche of smart devices in front of the stage, today's world and culture have largely moved online with it, and although we at Botik always prefer to meet you in person, we can't get away from these developments over or around. And here it seems wise to make the most of adaptation!

Botik Live Sessions brings authentic concert experiences home

Anyone who has been to Botik knows one of the greatest charms of the environment here - the opportunity to choose. We have many spaces that inspire creativity and make ideas just magically flow. What if we used this potential to record live music short concerts there, centered on the artist and our common message to the world? Even better - in cooperation with the artists, you could jointly create the theme and design of the concert and let yourself be inspired in a new way every time? Thought - done! In the fall of last year, when Botik's events calendar was empty and people were forced to entertain themselves mainly at home, we recorded the first episode of the Botik Live Session with a group of volunteer enthusiasts with the best friends of Botik and the world's best 2-in-1 Estonian zither artist Duo Ruut, and a few months later with Pärnu's alternative rock trio Sibyl Vain. The revenue from the tickets for the video concert premiere of both artists went to the organizations they chose (Estonian Nature Fund and Pärnu Women's Support Center), whose mission is to alleviate today's world and its challenges. Meetings both in front of and behind the screens delighted many who longed for an authentic meeting with their favorite musicians, if only through Youtube. And also those who, as natural world-improvers, want to do it through culture as well.

Care at every step

In addition to the fact that concert ticket revenue is directed to the organization chosen by the artist, we request care in our own way in everything we do and create during the completion of the concert series. The people behind the creation of the video concerts do so voluntarily by contributing their time and ideas. Botik creates a space where new ideas, inspiration and community can meet. The artists who work with us are creating new ways to keep the ideas born from the collaboration alive

(see an example here) and the words of encouragement from the happy participants have confirmed that the inside is coming out.

Creation of young volunteers

Today, it is known that in addition to the first two Botik Live Sessions, at least three more episodes will be created with the support of Erasmus+ and the local solidarity project of the European Solidarity Corps Agency, the preparations of which are already in full swing. In the summer, we will fill you with meetings and experiences in the physical space, and we will introduce the finished recordings at joint viewings starting in the fall. Maybe there will be opportunities to meet you at the recordings (because what artist wouldn't want to share their creations with the audience face-to-face!), but it will become clear during the work, so keep your eyes and ears open for the activities of Botik Live Sessions through Botik's channels. If you feel called to join the activities of a solidarity project and are interested in the activities of such a project "behind the scenes", let us know at

We thank the people and companies who contributed to the completion of the first two Botik Live Sessions:Veljo Poom ja, Lisanna Männilaan, Anna Roberta Lahesoo, Iti-Christella Mägi, Kristiina Liivapuu, Kadri Tiganik, Laura Ruuder, Hanna-Marii Kaljas, Katariina Kivi, Ann-Lisett Rebane, Marili Jõgi, Heiko Leesment, Helena Randlaht, Hendrik Liivik, Viljar Rosin, Janek Kivi, Jaanika Siiroja, Juula Saar, Tanel Aus, Punch drinks.

The Botik Live Session concert is coming to the Botik garden on July 16

Next time we will meet Sibyl Vane at the presentation of the LP born from the project on July 16th. There will be a lot of exciting events in the garden that evening for those who enjoy both visual art and music: for example, you can draw a collage inspired by the theme of domestic violence "Big eyes" together with Margo, the head of the Pärnu Women's Support Center, let your emotions run wild in the Pollock workshop guided by Fideelia, enjoy the work of the guitar and voice fairy Haldi and hear selected works on LIVE vinyl by Sibyl Vane. See more about the event HERE and buy a ticket (which will continue to support the activities of the Pärnu Women's Support Center) HERE.

* or from another ticket purchase environment. We just linked here to the “real world concert” page related to our next Botik Live Session.

See the video concerts completed during the project here:

Botik Live Sessions x Duo Ruut  

Botik Live Sessions x Sibyl Vane (concert starts 3:00)

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