From a factory store to a bar

Põhjala´s rubber boots

The premises of Botik once housed a rubber products shop, where you could get acquainted with the latest production of the Põhjala factory. In the interior design, we have tried to find a balance between the old and the new, while keeping a simple but cozy line. We cleaned the light-colored ceiling and concrete pillars, which give the room a unique character. In some places, we exposed an old silicate brick wall under the plaster. Until recently, the facade was decorated with old windows with the original logos of the Põhjala factory, which are now replaced by new ones. We kept the old windows and soon they will find their rightful place on some empty walls.
A view of the former factory shop, where the original logos of the Põhajala factory can be seen
Põhjala factory shop has turned into Botik

Recycling is an exciting challenge, creating limitations and creating opportunities at the same time. The coziness is created by a wooden attic with a large multi-paned window from a nearby old house and a double-sided glass door that has been restored. The other interior doors have also been repaired with own hands and have received old links.

A look to the bar and front door

The interior of the Botik has been given character by old sofas in different colors, on which seals and owls, given as a gift from the studio operating in the same building, hang out. By the bar counter, there is a row of unique, worn trestles, on which craftsmen once worked. On the windowsills, small, personalized design lamps from a local carver are lit.
 Cozy couches

Worn trestle chairs that were once craftsmen worked on

Life and lushness are given to the space by indoor flowers, all of which have found their way to Botik more or less by accident. We are like a refuge for flowers, where plants that for some reason turned out to be superfluous have found a new home. Therefore, some flowers are a bit shabby and need some time to recover, and luckily we have time.

Botik's interior spaces are articulated and create diverse opportunities for various activities. In addition to the large hall where the main events take place, there is a smaller gallery space that finds very different uses. Art exhibitions are held there, silk-screen printing is done, sometimes it is a backstage, board game or children's room instead. On the walls of the corridor leading to the garden, historical photos tell stories about the history of the Põhjala rubber factory.

The bar menu is simple, the ingredients are high-quality and mostly Estonian. In terms of food, we have collaborated with Karjase sai masters, who will soon open a new cafe next door together with Kokomo coffee roaster. However, we are taking steps in new exciting directions and hope to surprise you soon with tasty snacks, soups, etc. We will talk about this in more detail shortly.


Botik is currently only open on an event basis. We have tried to put together a program that is diverse enough, where everyone can find something inspiring to take their steps towards Kopli from time to time. In cooperation with nice people, regular events such as stand up comedy, Kopli quiz, drink and draw drawing sessions, poetry and lecture evenings, table tennis tournaments and various music events take place every month. Botik has caught the eye of so many guests with its unique atmosphere, which, in addition to public events, has brought so many lively private parties to Botik.
Kopli quiz

Comedy Estonia Kopli Open Mic
The rooms are multifunctional and can be rearranged as needed. Larger events can comfortably accommodate up to a hundred guests. We are open to new ideas and hope that what Botik does will inspire our guests. We are also looking forward to your thoughts, which could further enrich the Botik program. Notice can be given right here in the blog under comments, by writing to Facebook or email address.
Blues night at Botik

Botik inside

Botik´s garden
What is a modern drinking room, why are bars needed and what happens when you can't go to a bar together anymore?

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