It's dog weather outside and it's wonderful!

Among the benefits of nature offered by the city's green areas, the citizens consider the most important opportunity to be in the fresh air, to rest and spend free time, to simply enjoy nature, to be in silence and to do sports, according to a survey of visitors to green areas in Tallinn and Helsinki (1). In addition to all of the above, you can sometimes listen to a concert, eat a pancake and enjoy a bubbly drink in the garden of Botiku.

The positive impact of the city's green areas on people is undoubtedly very great. Green spaces in cities prevent mental and physical health problems, improve emotional state and communication skills, and create a connection with nature (2).

 Pause for thought

Green spaces also offer various benefits to urban space and the ecosystem, fighting overcrowding and pollution, reducing urban noise, lowering temperature, and providing shelter for both humans and animals. (2)
Botik´s roof garden, where herbs and honey plants grow, is a habitat for many insects

The heart of Botik is the bushy backyard, where people can meet nature. We try to do as much as possible to create natural communities in the factory area and raise people's awareness of their importance. Green areas in the urban environment are important places that not only bring joy to the people of the city, but also help to preserve natural diversity.

Trees let the first warm rays of the sunshine into the garden

We have created Botik's seminar series "Talks in the bush", where we discuss things that are important to us. Botik, with its wild secret garden, offers an inspiring space to meet and ask important questions. The themes vary but are linked to values ​​such as the environment, sustainability, community and inspiration.

Talks in the bush

As part of one of the ´´bush stories´´, we invited Aleksei Turovski, a zoosemiologist and translator of the animal kingdom into human language. His lecture was not only about animals living in the city, but also about urban structures in the animal world and many other exciting things.
Aleksei Turovski speaking about cities for animals

The animals that Aleksei talked about that evening have ended up on Botik's hoodies and bags. That's how our friends from another species still remain in our minds - even if we don't meet them every day in the city.

 Mosquitoes and sparrows are frequent guests in the garden

We encourage guests to go outside in any weather throughout the year. For this purpose, we have created different elements and places in the garden, which are used according to the weather.

Sun terrace or herb garden?

On a hot summer day, you can spend time drinking a refreshing drink on a park bench in the shade of a dense canopy of leaves or enjoying a sun lounger in the roof garden high above.
Golden autumn

In autumn, it is nice to rustle in the yellow leaves and enjoy the drizzling rain outside in front of the fireplace in the garden's glass house. On a cold winter evening, you can light bonfires around which you can gather around and warm your hands.

Winter joys

The weather is getting colder. What could be more pleasant than putting on a warm and valuable nature lover's sweater and going on an outdoor discovery trip with the whole family.

It´s great to be outside!

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