A place where opposites attract

The summer solstice is the moment when the poles meet. The day that spreads permanently in the north and the night that has arrived in the south lead thoughts to opposites and contrasts. It is as if something is coded in us to notice, distinguish, admire and connect them. Opposites attract in the world of people, things and phenomena. And that happens in Botik too.
Day & night

Bar culture is mostly associated with the evening and night time. With us, the day reaches into the evening, which is full of very different moments. Morning brunches with friends, siesta in a hammock with your favorite book, afternoon mini-concerts, busy and inspiring meetings, quick table tennis, swing sessions with the little ones or just being in the moment on a bench in the shade of a bush.

And when the chain of lights creates its magic when it gets dark, you can quite often sway to soft beats in the wild urban jungle, meet inspiring people, enjoy some new exciting cocktails and let yourself be enchanted by this still somewhat secretive garden. Day and night both show us their fiercest sides.

Sun terrace vs night life

New & old

The factory building where Botik has built its home today was built decades ago. We like the flow of time, each of them tells its own story. When creating something new, we always ask if and how it can bring out the existing charm or function.

We don't tear down the old to create the new. We create the new to improve the old.

Perhaps the most noticeable example of the meeting of new and old is the tower rising in the middle of the garden, which, when moving into the factory and visiting the future Botik premises for the first time, caught the eye with its potential peeking out from under its comfort. The concrete frame with a tired look was waiting for attention, care and new life. All these hours of planning and (volunteer) work allow people, ideas and pleasant moments to meet in the tower today. But in such a way that the landmarks of the old factory remain with us.

Botik garden tower 2019 vs 2021

Up & down

We have probably all felt how the environment and what surrounds us affects our well-being. And often we choose the places that best suit our feelings at the moment. Sometimes it's good to be in a shady "hole", other times we prefer to look at the world from above and feel that there is no ceiling. In every way. 

We want our guests to be able to choose the place, height and angle of view that suits them best at the moment. Thus, when Botik was created, next to the wild bush of the "first floor" and the living space under the tower, another floor of the tower was built, from which it is good to observe the garden life or to enjoy private life with company. From this season, a spiral staircase starting from the garden leads to the sun terrace of the corresponding roof garden, from where the views over the roofs into the distance can be seen. Be up or down, in the shadows or in the light, exactly where your feeling takes you at the moment.

Sunny terrace vs tennis table in the shadow

It is clear that the list of contrasts only began here.

What contrasting opposites have you noticed when visiting us?

The Garden of Babylon in Põhjala
Botik´s garden kitchen 

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