The Garden of Babylon in Põhjala

People like roofs. Sunrises and sunsets. Climbing the stairs. Views. Romantic dates.

People also like gardens. Bohemian style English gardens, rocky Japanese gardens, French gardens with trimmed hedge balls, poetic gardens by Piet Oudolf, simple grandmothers' gardens. Let your eyes rest on the greenery, calm your mind…

Gardens can also be surprising and unexpected. Especially those on roofs.

The most famous roof gardens were the Semiramis hanging gardens. It is said that they were built for his wife by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II, because his beloved longed for the green mountains of his homeland in the middle of the deserts. A beautiful story, even if it's only a myth.

It's easy to build gardens when you're a king...

We at Kopli long for something too. I guess looking for a place where you can look at things from afar, look for your place in the anthill. And so it happened that Botik and Põhjala factory created a Nebuchadnezzar-worthy effort through a new roof garden, from where the surrounding sleepy noise and bustle of the city seems so insignificant. We are finally at the height of our neighbors — seagulls and terns.

The plants are still young and still sprouting, the mulch paths are still untrodden by people.

The garden changes every day.

Spring is a time of anticipation. The roof garden is now waiting for you to visit. Sometimes you need to take time off. Especially in summer, especially in Põhjala.

Silence high above.

200 square meters of bitumen to waterproof the USSR-era framework.

Mid-May, it's 9:30 PM Teet and Tanel are welding roof rails as the sun sets.

Local Liisi Tani and children planning the herb spiral.
It's Labor day! Delivery of 40 tons of soil and wood chips to the roof. The bags are lifted to the roof by a skillful machine called "Upitaja".

On the roof, a group of about 15 workers spread the growing soil. 12 hours of work, but also a lot of laughter.

Planting work in the garden. We grow undemanding perennial herbs and medicinal plants: eel, thyme, oregano, nettle, tarragon, mint, lemon balm, chives, sorrel and elk hemp.

There is a bar and sun terrace on the roof. We look forward to your visit whenever the green flag is flying on the mast (as a rule, it is flying when there is good weather)!

We thank: Baltic Bark, Grüne Fee, Vanaema Aed, Hansaplant, Puumarket, Isekallur, Tamme talu ürdiaed, talgulised ja vabatahtlikud, Põhjala tehase majalised ja omanikud

Children in Kopli. In the factory! In a bar?
A place where opposites attract

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