How is Botik doing and other quarantine activities

Oiling the terrace

Times are difficult right now, but you can't let your head down and you have to make the most of the break. In recent weeks, we have also been diligently moving forward, so that everything would be even more pleasant when the special situation ends. At the moment, the empty Botik looks like a small multifunctional workshop, where welding is going on in one corner and the first herbs are sprouting in the other.
 Botik´s greenhouse

Let's build garden furniture

A few weeks ago, a greenhouse was completed in Botik's garden, where it is nice to sit when it's raining and spend time outdoors. Now we also finished the furniture. A few days of welding, painting, sanding and sprucing up the old chairs, and the cozy winter garden is furnished. Tables and chairs can be easily moved around as needed: either as separate units or as a long party table. The only thing missing is the plants, they are waiting for the warm weather to come. There is a comfortable room for about twenty people. We also make benches for the terrace on the second floor of the tower.

Table frames before painting

Details and welding

Finished tabels

We are growing plants

Indoor flowers were replanted a long time ago and are thriving quite vigorously on the windows. Now is the best time to put herb seeds in the soil. That way, when the warm weather arrives, the plants are big enough to be moved to the garden, tower and greenhouse. We grow small tomatoes, rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley, lettuce and other delicious things for cocktails and sandwiches.

Basil, tomato, parsley...

Fresh thyme will be available soon - let's make GINTONIC

We are securing the tower

The stairs and the terrace of the tower were actually completed last summer, but the railings were left unfinished. Now the railings are ready, the terrace is freshly oiled and it is completely safe to be high among the treetops. The only thing missing is a roof that provides shade, which will be in place soon.

Secure fences. Well behaved dogs are always welcome

We refresh the color

Both the table tennis and old park benches get a new bright coat of paint.

Table tennis details
Fresh paint and soon you can play again

Stop! fresh paint

We are making stars of light

We have wanted to make stars of light to put on the garden tower. We got four used and already rather old letters: O, T, I and K. B was missing. A little measuring and thinking and _otik became Botik again!

Making the letter B
Almost ready

Letter are waiting to be put on top of the tower
Garden tower

The special situation, limited resources and the free time created encourage to DIY and recycl. Botik's garden is getting greener every day and we are working to get everything planned ready for summer. The second floor of the tower and the greenhouse create several new spaces where you can enjoy the outdoors in any weather. The garden-side extension of the indoor premises is also slowly being completed, and hopefully very soon you will be able to order your favorite drink directly from the window bar.
What is a modern drinking room, why are bars needed and what happens when you can't go to a bar together anymore?
The wait is over and we are opening the gates!

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