The wait is over and we are opening the gates!

 Waiting. Spring in the garden

A lot of exciting things have happened in Botik's garden in the last few weeks. The trees are in full leaf, the pumpkins are blooming, the birds are chirping and the hedgehog family is busy in the corner of the garden. Everything is just as it should be. Anyway, we are really excited that the waiting is finally over and we can share all this with others!

Table tennis and party
DJ in the garden

Now you can also come to the garden to eat, because the outdoor kitchen under the tower has just been completed. We made the kitchen largely from recycled material, and it is given its appearance by the old windows with metal frames from the Põhjala´s blacksmith's building.
Building the garden kitchen

 Making of the kitchen

In the kitchen local chefs will serve good food from the window when the weather promises.
Botik´s chefs in the garden kitchen

First testing

Our bar area has also changed it´s location. We moved closer to the garden and now you can grab a drink right outside from the new window bar. The bar is still a bit of a work in progress, but soon it will be completely finished with the new interior. Exciting-exciting!
Serving drinks from the window bar

Window bar

The large stage terrace is also new and gorgeous, where you can comfortably enjoy food and drinks or listen to a live concert on a cloudy summer evening.


And you can climb the tower. The terrace on the second floor is ready, and if it rains, it's quite cozy up there under the roof.

Tower terrace

View from the tower

The beautiful weather brings several reasons to jump on the bike and come to discover Kopli. There are many great events coming up both during the day and in the evening. You can eat and drink and enjoy good music! You can find more detailed information about what is happening on our Facebook page.

Bikes in the garden

We also made a hand washing corner in the garden so that everyone can wash their hands as much as they want!
Drinking and hand washing water

The garden is especially magical in the evening when the sun has just gone down. The best pictures are guaranteed at this golden hour!
Come visit us!
Golden hour. Photo: Alice Märtin
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