Summer, mischievous summer

Step inside!

The summer season went by so fast and busy here at the Põhjala factory that I couldn't even write down everything in the meantime. The wonderful weather promised to enjoy garden life to the fullest, so there was not much to do inside. All kinds of joy and excitement were enough for both big and small guests who happened to enter Botik's green garden gate.
Summer paradise

Warm summer night

Already at the beginning of the summer, the garden kitchen was ready, where the skilled hands of the passionate house chef Mihkel put together wonderful flavors throughout the summer. The garden kitchen days were lively and surprised each time with new seasonal delicacies.
 Kitchen under the tower

 Food tastes better outside

Day in the garden kitchen

There were also several guests in the kitchen: Viljandi burger, vegan restaurant V, BaBa, restaurant Riis, Barrel, Põhjaka manor. While waiting to eat, it was nice to grab a coffee from the window bar and talk on the high terrace of the tower in the shade of the trees.
Vegan restaurant V in the kitchen

Window bar

Garden idyll and a DJ in the bush

Our neighbors from the OOPUS studio, who watch what happens in the garden every day from the window above, got so much inspiration from garden life that they brought a nice series of FAKT events to our home. On several summer evenings, the garden was filled with good music and exciting light and visual solutions that caressed the ears, made the feet tap and invited the senses to wander.
Waiting for OOPUS performance

Play of lights in the evening garden

The faster summer season started with the Lexsoul Dancemachine concert, which took place on the main street of Põhjala factory. Botik expanded for one night across the whole factory and opened several pop-up bars on the doors and windows of old factory buildings, which gave guests the opportunity to peek into houses full of history. The after party moved to Botiku's garden and backyard.

The factory gates open. Photo: Taavi Muide

In the rhythm of Lexsoul photo: Taavi Muide

Botik´s pop-up. Photo: Taavo Muidu

Quite a few smaller garden concerts took place in the garden in the shade of the trees. TMW's urban stage program brought us hot young neighbors from the north. A cheerful concert was also given by Seltskond pargis and Kenors and Francis. We will definitely continue with the garden concerts next summer.
TMW stage at Botik


So many summer nights were filled with catchy dance music. The fun continued inside, in the garden and in the backyard, where the dancing went on until sunrise.
Yard life

Summer garden

There were other garden parties. Some evenings were filled with wonderful families and friends celebrating events that are important to them. Many anniversaries took place in the garden and even a great traditional wedding party was held around a long table.
Party in the greenhouse

Of course, our beloved small events such as Kopli Viktoriin and Comedy Estonia open-mic, which were also moved to the garden during the nice weather, did not disappear. The new and exciting discussion series ´´Jutud Põõsas´´ brought together several experts who invited us to think about various topics that reflect our values. One evening, EKA students opened a cinema in the garden tower, where you could enjoy nice animated films in the twilight.
Comedy in the garden

´´Jutud põõsas´´

Cinema on top of the tower

We ended the summer garden season with a fun Pancake Sunday. We made large pancakes from the eggs of chickens from the Põhjala factory, which we filled with good and better autumn local garden stuff.

Chicken from Põhjala and other guests

Ready soon

 Local salad

Of course, the weather getting cooler does not mean that you can no longer be outdoors at all. Autumn is beautiful and colorful. We put a small fireplace in the garden's greenhouse so that you can have a nice time in the warm glasshouse and look at the garden. Botik's greenhouse can currently accommodate a small group to enjoy dinner and the leafy garden. The change of seasons is so exciting to watch.
Autumn in the garden

Greenhouse fireplace

Winter is getting closer and closer, Christmas is not far away. The situation is definitely somewhat complicated and many habits have to be changed and new ways of getting along have to be found. At the same time, winter is a time of peace and quiet to spend time with family and friends. Botik is also calmer now. Nature is taking a rest and we are quietly working on furnishing the interior spaces.

We still invite everyone to take part in events that are happening in Botik.

Thanks to all the locals and the two- and four-legged visitors! See you soon!

Botik's garden kitchen: on the tracks of chanterelle
Winter garden life

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