Winter garden life

Garden at wintertime

The bonfire evening in Botik's garden left a very warm feeling in the soul. Our little dream, that guests would feel comfortable in the garden in winter, came true. It was great to see how both young and old gathered around the fire and felt good in the company of family and friends.
We have always thought that it is very nice if a community bar can be a place to come with the whole family. A place that inspires, connects and provides an environment for all kinds of value-based activities. And, of course, all this includes good food and drinks.
 Being together around the fire
In the garden kitchen, we baked old-school waffles full of childhood nostalgia. We heated up three Soviet-era waffle machines borrowed from mothers and neighbors. Each machine had its own quirks that took some time to get to know, but the result was the same as we remember from our childhood with a special pattern here and there darkened a little too much. Just as they should be. Instead of ice cream, we put whipped cream inside the waffle. Mmmm.
Crispy waffles and hot drinks from the garden kitchen

As long as the parents warmed their toes around the fire with a warm mug of glög in hand, children could make a shadow theater in the "snowfall", jump on the net and play other nice games to get warm.
The joy of climbing

You won't get cold with a hot drink

In the meantime, the dough got ready, which needed a little longer than expected to rise in the cool outdoor kitchen. We braided gingerbread-flavored dough braids around the branches, and the children cooked the bread themselves in the warmth of the fire.
Bread on a stick

The hammock is nice

In the greenhouse, we lit a fire in the fireplace and made elves with the children. Mothers, fathers and grandmothers also joined the activity. They turned out really great and unique. Some of the elves settled themselves under the bush in Botik's garden, others went on to home garden or the balcony to create a Christmas feeling.

Ever elf has it´s own face

Times are such that it is more pleasant and safer to be together in the fresh air. In the meantime, the garden bar can become a children's wonderland instead. And why not the year-end meeting place, where both work and other stories can be told around the fire.

Activities for children and parents

View outside

Anyway, that evening, when I locked the garden gate and the garden smelled a little like a bonfire, with a little elf in arm, walking towards home, I had pleasant emotions in my heart and a feeling of Christmas in my heart.

All kinds of nice events can be held in the garden at any time of the year. If you have a great idea, write to us on Facebook or

Thank you all and have a nice Christmas!

Photos: Alice Märtin

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